Friday, October 30, 2015

Holey Pumpkin Day 2015

This year, the giraffe class joined the 2H Owls and the 2D Dragonflies in a new tradition called Holey Pumpkin Day. Everyone brought in a small carving pumpkin, and after cleaning out and counting our seeds with our buddies, we got right to work!

While we designed our pumpkins with dots, our drilling volunteers got to work drilling our holes! Some chose to do lots and lots of holes all around their pumpkin, while others spelled out words or made pictures with their dots.

After everyone's pumpkins were drilled, we lit up our pumpkins with glowsticks as more family and friends joined us and performed a pumpkin poem. 

Once we were finished, we put on some Halloween music and enjoyed some yummy snacks with our guests! 

Thank you for making our Holey Pumpkin Celebration so special. All of the giraffes had so much fun having their pumpkins drilled, watching them light up, and enjoying some yummy snacks with their friends and family. We still have some snacks left over that we can share during snack time next week! Thank you to each and every one of you who sent in pumpkins, party supplies, and snacks, and to those of you who donated your time (and drilling skills) to our celebration. We truly appreciate your support in making it such a fun and meaningful experience!

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