Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Word Work

This week, we learned and did a lot of reviewing with words! We learned that adjectives describe a noun, which is a person, place, or thing from Mrs. Healey on Johnny Appleseed Day. After reviewing what we learned, we came up with a list of lots of different adjectives and we each chose one to make into an adjective pumpkin. Some were very silly! 

Later on in the week, we did word work centers which involved some fun Halloween word games! At one center, we worked on our sentence building skills by building silly, spooky Halloween sentences. We picked 2 nouns, 1 verb, and 1 phrase from each of the bowls and built our sentences by putting a noun first, then a verb, then another noun followed by the phrase.

At another center, we worked on adding punctuation to sentences. We reviewed a lot with punctuation this week especially because we read Amy Krouse Rosenthal's story Exclamation Mark  for Global Read Aloud. We had a few sentences we had to read and decide which form of punctuation to use, and then we wrote our own sentences that ended with a period, question mark, and of course, an exclamation mark. 

At our final center, we played Trick or Treat! which was a game involving our high frequency words. We worked in groups of three taking turns picking words out of the bucket. If we could read it, we got to keep it. If not, it went back in the bucket. We also could pick Trick cards, which meant we had to put one card back in the bucket, or Treat cards, which meant everyone else playing had to give you one of their cards! The person with the most cards at the end of the game won. 

If you want to play any of these games at home, please let Ms. Riley know and she will gladly send you a copy! 

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