Saturday, October 10, 2015

#GRA15 Week 1- Chopsticks!

This week we kicked off our Global Read Aloud author study of Amy Krouse Rosenthal by reading her book Chopsticks.

After reading the book, we tweeted our thoughts to our GRA pals in Saskatchewan as well as to Amy Krouse Rosenthal herself!

 We discovered that our GRA pals liked many of the parts that we liked! After reading the story, we compared it to another one of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's stories called Spoon and we also got to practice our chopstick skills on some erasers

We discovered a message in the story, which was that we are capable of doing many great things on our own as well as when we stick together. Not only is this a great message for chopsticks, but it is a great message for us to follow as well! 

We also got to design our own chopsticks and write about what they could do apart or together. Ms. Riley said the chopsticks alone could hula hoop with a cheerio and together they could become knitting needles! 
Next week, we will continue our fun with Amy's book Duck! Rabbit! And we will also get to open up our package from our GRA pals, which arrived after school on Friday. We can't wait to see what is inside! 

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