Thursday, October 29, 2015

Diving Into Nonfiction

On Monday, we "read the room" to figure out what our new focus in Reader's Workshop would be. We noticed that there were now lots of stories about animals, science, social studies, and important people on display and we noticed a new anchor chart about growing our knowledge, so we inferred that we would be learning all about nonfiction books!

To remind ourselves of the differences between fiction and nonfiction, we worked together with our table mates to sort out some of the books in our leveled library. Afterwards, we each picked one of the nonfiction books and shared with the class what made that book nonfiction. We noticed nonfiction books always have true facts and often times have real pictures, a table of contents, a glossary, captions, diagrams, labels, maps, and an index

We also began working on keeping track of the facts we've learned on sticky notes and also writing down how we felt about the fact. Some were interesting and shocking, while others were exciting and even a little scary!We've been working hard to keep track of our thinking so we can share all of our facts with our new reading partners during partner reading! 

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