Friday, October 30, 2015

Counting Seeds!

Before our big Holey Pumpkin celebration Friday afternoon, our reading buddies came in to help us clean and measure our pumpkins as well as count their seeds! 

Our pumpkins were small enough that we could measure them with a ruler. We measured their height and diameter in inches (note: diameter measures the width across the pumpkin, not around. one of our 5th grade friends found the word fumble on our worksheet so we were able to clarify what to measure!). We also counted the lines on our pumpkins because we learned the seeds grow inside the pumpkin along the ridges, so the more lines a pumpkin has, the more seeds there will be. After that, we got to work scooping out the guts and counting out the seeds

While not all of us were able to finish counting our seeds, many of us had counted over 300 seeds in our small pumpkins! 

It was a slimy and messy job, and we are so glad our 5th grade friends were up to the task! Thank you for all of your help, 5D! 

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