Thursday, October 15, 2015

Animal Leaf Collages

On Thursday, we made our animal leaf collages using the leaves we'd collected and pressed from home. It was so neat to see the different leaves everyone brought in from their yards and neighborhoods. We loved looking at our leaves and arranging them to look like all sorts of different animals! 

First, we brainstormed about which animals we could create with our leaves and experimented with how we would arrange our leaves on our paper. 

Once we made an image that we liked, we glued each leaf down one at a time and voila! We soon had a zoo of leaf animals in 2R! Can you guess which animals these friends made?

If you guessed  a turtle, a seal, a school of fish, and a giraffe, then you guessed correctly. It was amazing to see everyone's different creations, and we cannot wait to put our collages on display in our hallway!

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