Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fishing for Ten

On Friday, we focused on our tens facts. We learned that all of the tens facts make a rainbow on the number line:

0+10=10   10+0=10
1+9=10     9+1=10
2+8=10     8+2=10
3+7=10     7+3=10
4+6=10     6+4=10

we learned how to play a fun new math game called Fishing for Ten! It is very similar to the game Go Fish, but instead of fishing for pairs, you search for numbers whose sum is 10. We played this game with our top-it cards, and we used the cards with the numbers 0-10 on them.

For example, if someone had a 7, they would want to ask someone else for a 3. If they got a 3, they would put those two cards down as a sum. 

This would be a great game to play at home! Just use a deck of regular playing cards without the kings or queens. The aces can count as 1 and the jacks can count as 0 :) Have fun! 

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