Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Classroom Rules

On Wednesday, we brainstormed and came up with our list of classroom rules and expectations for the year. We talked about keeping our rules positive, and talked about what we should be doing to keep our classroom happy rather than what we should not be doing, 

  • Respect others and their space
  • Be responsible for your belongings as well as the belongings of others
  • Respect our classroom
  • Be a helpful friend
  • Respect everyone’s words, listen to others
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Be kind to everyone in our classroom--treat others as YOU would like to be treated!
Always try your VERY best!!!

We all agreed that this list of rules would be pretty easy to follow as long as we are being kind and respectful to everyone and everything in our classroom. They will make us all very happy giraffes! Ms. Riley will include a copy of these rules in the Curriculum Night folder so families could review them at home. We made a poster of our rules for our classroom that we all signed with some colorful hand prints :)

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