Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Last Days of Second Grade!

We finished second grade with a bang last week! While it was bittersweet to say "see you later" to the Giraffe Class, we had so much fun celebrating our year together and all the growth we've made physically, socially, and academically.

On Thursday, we had our End of the Year Picnic with the friends and family of the Giraffe Class! Before we headed outside, we each decorated our own special treat for the festivities--a beach cupcake to celebrate summer vacation! 

We also made a special gift for our awesome Room Mom by making tissue paper flowers to add to our giraffe vase! 

It was finally time for us to head outside to celebrate. Thank you to everyone who came to eat lunch with us and enjoy the sunshine!

The Giraffes gave Ms. Riley and Mrs. Pitcher some awesome and very generous gifts. The platter is so thoughtful and beautiful! 

Afterwards, we went inside to watch our end of the year Slideshow. If you were not there to watch it, no worries! You can watch it here: 

Once our families left, we headed back outside with 2AA for a surprise water balloon toss and duck, duck splash! It was so much fun to play with our friends next door, and it was a great way to cool off on such a hot, sunny day :)

Finally, it was time for our last day of second grade :( Where did the time go??

We celebrated with some awesome giraffe cupcakes and got our classroom ready for summer. At the end of the day, we lined the hallways to say goodbye to our awesome 5th grade friends who are heading off to middle school in the fall! 

Before heading home, we took Fluffy for one more loop around the classroom:

We shed some tears remembering our wonderful year together, and we were reminded that we can always call the giraffe classroom home :) 

Have a wonderful summer, giraffes! 

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