Monday, May 4, 2015

We're Going On A Shape Hunt

We already knew a lot about shapes, but on Monday, we learned about some of the aspects of different shapes and looked for them around our school. We went outside and searched for right angles, parallel lines, non-parallel lines, quadrilaterals, and three-sided shapes.

We found parallel lines on the birdhouse, in the garden, and on the sidewalk

We found right angles on the base of the flag pole, in the garden, on the bricks and windows, and on the sides of the doors

We found three-sided shapes (triangles) in Mrs. Craig's classroom window as well as in the rims of cars in the parking lot!!

We found quadrilaterals on the windows, the bricks, on the bench, and in the car windows

We found non-parallel lines on the trees, on the drain, around the bench, and on the cement

We discovered that many of us had the same items on our lists despite looking for different things. Some triangles and quadrilaterals also have right angles and quadrilaterals such as squares, rectangles, and parallelograms also have parallel lines! Other quadrilaterals such as trapezoids and diamonds as well as squares do not have parallel lines. We will continue to learn more about different shapes as the weeks continue, and we will keep on searching for them in our surroundings! 

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