Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome to The Giraffe Kingdom!

On Tuesday, we held our first-ever Fairy Tale Wax Museum! We'd been preparing for this event for quite some time, and we were thrilled to be able to see it come to life. 

When our guests walked in the door, they grabbed a sheet of questions to ask our wax figures. When they found a character they wished to speak with, they pressed their "button" on their painting and watched them pop up to life! The characters did an excellent job of remaining still when waiting to be asked a question, but soon they had so many visitors that they were able to stay animated throughout the rest of the morning! In addition to checking out our characters, guests could also read the scrapbooks they created about their lives as well as the fractured fairy tales they wrote at our castle station! 

Here are our characters!

It was awesome to see our room filled with so many wonderful visitors celebrating our learning alongside us, and it was SO much fun to get into character :) 

Belle got a beautiful red rose from Mom and Dad, but in true princess fashion, she gave it to a lovely young maiden to enjoy :) 

The Fairy Godmother granted Cinderella as well as the other characters wishes as she flew about the room!
The Troll was a little less grumpy when he discovered he could use his belly as a table when eating his billy goat sandwich! 

The Mad Hatter came over from the Dragon Kingdom to invite Alice to his Mad Tea Party! 

Red Riding Hood stayed cool under pressure, even with the Big, Bad Wolf seated right across from her! 
We, too got to visit some of the other kingdoms! 

We had an amazing day becoming a few of our favorite fairy tale characters and celebrating our learning with our friends, families, teachers, and peers. Thank you to everyone for creating costumes, helping us with our posters, reading our stories, and visiting our museum! 

May you all live Happily Ever After

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