Friday, May 8, 2015

Seeds Are Sprouting and Spring Is Here!

Ms. Riley took home our seeds over vacation to water them and help them grow. Since it has been so warm and sunny this week, they have really started to take off! These are what most of our seeds looked like on Monday when we returned to school:

And this is what they looked like by Friday:

They are just loving all of that sunny, warm weather, and so are we! We took our sprouts home today (unless we biked to school, then we will take them home on Monday!) The sweet pea seeds seem to be taking a longer time to grow, so we added another seed into the pot in hopes those will start sprouting soon, too. When the sprouts are strong enough, the entire pot can be planted in the ground because it is decomosable! Be sure to plant them in a space that gets plenty of sun, and enjoy!

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