Monday, May 18, 2015

Meeting Giraffes!

Over the weekend, Ms. Riley went to Southwick's Zoo with her family and got to meet and feed some awesome giraffes! Here are a few pictures from the Giraffe Exhibit:

Molly the Giraffe showing off her very long, black tongue!

13 Month-Old Max visiting his new baby brother Timber (he was born on April 18th, so he shares a birthday with Ms. Riley!)
We fed the giraffes black birch leaves and bark!

Max was eating alongside his mom Mazey

Ms. Riley got to feed Max's dad Midas as well as Dottie and Molly

their noses were so soft and they had beautiful eyes!
It was such a great experience to be able to get so such amazing animals! There were lots of other cool exhibits at the zoo, but this one was by far Ms. Riley's favorite :) 

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