Sunday, May 10, 2015

Full-On Fairy Tale Mode!

As we gear up for our Fairy Tale Wax Museum on the 19th, we have been doing all sorts of activities to get ourselves and our room ready! This week, we have been answering questions about our chosen characters and we began creating scrapbooks of their lives. We also began tracing our bodies and drawing our life-size portraits of our characters to hand up during the wax museum! THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers who dedicated their time to helping us trace and draw this week!!

We also worked on creating a castle made completely out of recycled materials for the MakerFest

We also worked on finishing our fractured fairy tales so Ms. Riley could type them up on a Google Doc and create a QR Code to add to our castle so MakerFest visitors can read our stories! You can read the stories we've typed up so far here

We also wanted to get our hallway ready for the Wax Museum, so we used our shared bulletin board to create scenes from different fairy tales! We created Rapunzel's Tower and made little people to climb up her long braid, while 2A made a castle and 2AA made Jack's Beanstalk and the Giant's Castle. Next week, we will focus on finishing up our fractured fairy tales as well as our scrapbooks, and we will also work on painting our portraits and exploring our stories! 

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