Friday, May 29, 2015

Exploring Poetry

Since the completion of our wax museum, our literary focus has shifted from fairy tales to poetry. We have been reading and writing all different kinds of poetry and we've been finding inspiration in all sorts of places!

To begin our unit, we traveled around to different centers to explore different kinds of poetry. We looked at poems about animals and nature, we read beautiful poems and funny poems, and studied rhyming poems and rhythmic poems. We used our new poetry notebooks to jot down poems we liked, or ideas we had for our own poems that were inspired by the poems we read. 

This past week, we focused in on Haikus, Limericks, and Picture Poems in addition to writing our own free-verse poetry. Everyone seemed to especially enjoy writing/drawing picture poems! 

 Our poetry writing time has become a favorite part of our day! We've really enjoyed sharing and receiving "snaps" for our poems at the end of each Writer's Workshop :) Once we write lots and lots of poems, we will choose a few of them to create a classroom anthology of poetry! 

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