Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's In Metric!

This week, we have been working a lot on measuring with different tools. On Friday, we used meter sticks to measure our heights, arm spans, and jumping distance in centimeters!

We discovered that while centimeters are much smaller than inches (which means there are more of them when measuring the same distances), they were easy to measure and add together because each meter is 100 centimeters! So, whenever we were adding up the measurements for longer distances and heights, it was always 3 digit number with zeros in the tens and ones places being added to a double digit number .

Matt also let us measure his height in centimeters! We discovered it would be too difficult for us to measure Matt standing up, so we measured him lying down. He is a whopping 220 cm tall! Thanks for being such a good sport! :) 

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