Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day: Honoring Our Planet and Reminding Us to Handle It With Care

We had a very busy and fun-filled day celebrating our Earth and learning about what we can do to protect it. For our morning work, we made Earth Heart collages using recycled blue and green scraps from our recycling bin and image making paper bin. Not only were we able to make beautiful art, but we were able to help the Earth by reusing our scraps!

After we got back from lunch, Ms. Riley's friend Mr. Rivard came to visit us and helped us plant some sunflower and sweet pea seeds!

Mr. Rivard couldn't believe how much we already knew about sunflowers and plants! We told Mr. Rivard that plants need water, soil, sun, and nutrients to grow and they take in Carbon Dioxide from the air and turn it into Oxygen, which we need to breathe. After we shared our knowledge with Mr. Rivard, he let each of us decorate a popsicle stick to mark our pots while Ms. Riley came around and let everyone choose a seed to plant. After choosing our seeds, we each filled our pots with soil and created a small hole with our fingers for the seed. Then, we gently covered our seeds with soil and Mrs. Pitcher came around to help us water our seeds before placing them on the windowsill.

Our pots are made out of compostable materials, so when our seedlings are ready to be planted in the ground outside, we can plant the entire pot in the ground!

While we were putting our pots on the windowsill, we saw our first grade friends next door doing their part to help the Earth by picking up trash around our school. Way to go, Lobsters! 

After we said goodbye to Mr. Rivard, we did an experiment to see how difficult it would be to unpollute water.We added oil, soil, newspaper, paint, and plastic into our water and each table group was only given 5 paper towels to turn their dirty water into "clean" water

Many of us made filters out of our paper towels, while others tried to soak out the pollutants. While the filter method got the most pollutants out (thank you to Mrs. Mastin for being our guest water judge!), we discovered it was impossible to get everything out completely. 

We loved celebrating Earth Day and learning about all that we can do to keep it lovely! We will continue to do our part to reduce our waste, reuse materials, and recycle our trash all year long. 

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