Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brown E's and Pop Quizzes: April Fool's Day 2015

2R was filled with lots of jokes and tricks this April Fool's Day! Students, teachers, and even parents took part in the fun!

On Tuesday, Ms. Riley told us she made us some brownies that she would bring in for snack. And well, she did make brown E's, but they were not the ones we were expecting! 

One parent also had some fun when she sent in this delicious looking "lolipop" for snack :) Again, NOT what we were expecting! 

Later on, Ms. Riley gave us a worksheet with directions that said read all of the steps first, then complete them. 

Well, many of us skipped the first part of those directions and got to work completing the steps before reading them all! If only we knew we only had to draw a green circle :) 

Finally, when we returned from Art, Ms. Riley told us we were having a pop quiz. But once we got back to our seats to take it, she told us she was mistaken, because it was a Popsicle quiz! We finally had our popsicle party that we had won from collecting canned goods for Canstruction towards the beginning of the year! 

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