Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2R Publishing House

We have been working incredibly hard for the last several weeks on our Expert Projects. We each got to choose a topic to write about that we felt we were experts and we created and published nonfiction books about our topics. We wrote about everything from cats to space, and cape cod to video games. All of our books included a table of contents, introduction, glossary, and an all about the author page, but the other pages in our books were completely unique to our topic. Some of us wrote how-to pages that went along with our topics, while others wrote informational and persuasive pages on the people, places, and things we decided to write about. When we were all done with our books, Mrs. Pitcher kindly bound them together so we could have a true published piece. Once all of the books were ready to go, we traveled around our classroom to write compliments and praise on sticky notes to attach to our friends' work. 

We loved being able to learn about so many different topics from our friends! These books are truly extraordinary and everyone should feel very proud of all of their hard work that went into making them. 

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