Friday, February 13, 2015

Dancing Conversation Hearts

Before our Valentine's Day Celebration, we put on our Science Thinking Caps and did an experiment to test the question: What will happen when we put conversation hearts in seltzer?

We came up with a few hypotheses, but the majority of the class thought it would fizz up like a volcano.

After we wrote down our question, hypothesis, and list of materials, we got to work. Before combining the hearts with the seltzer, we also put conversation hearts in a cup of regular tap water as a "control". Then, we got to work with the "heart" of our experiment-- we combined the seltzer and hearts in a clear glass container and observed! 

Wow! The conversation hearts started popping up one by one to the top of the seltzer--as one friend said, they were riding the bubbles to the top!

We noticed there was no change in the hearts who were added to the tap water, other than the fact that their letters were starting to dissolve, but the hearts in the seltzer water continued to pop up to the top of the liquid and fell again when the bubbles they were attached to had popped. 

After a few minutes of the hearts "dancing" or "jumping" around in the glass, they all rose to the top!

Afterwards, we recorded our results and put our experiment notes in our science folders. 

We were wondering if the same thing would happen to other candies or food items if we dropped them in the seltzer. Perhaps something different would happen? It would be a great question to test out at home! 

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