Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let It Snow!!

Our school week was shortened when Winter Storm Juno arrived and brought us over two feet of snow!!! On Friday, Miss Locke took us our exploring during P.E. and Ms. Riley joined us as well! We had a blast walking on the trails from SMS to Stratham Hill Park and sliding down the slippery hill along the way.

No sleds? No problem!! We took a pit stop to slide down this hill many, many times before continuing on the trail. Ms. Riley, Miss Locke, and Mrs. Law also took turns sliding down!

We tried to make a sliding train that was semi-successful! Here is a video of our attempt

After exploring in the woods, we came back and conquered the snow banks made by the snow plows beside SMS. They were HUGE!!! (and also very fun to slide down!) 

Thank you for the awesome adventure, Miss Locke!! 

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