Friday, January 30, 2015

Do you have any change?

Over the last few days, we've been learning all about change and making change in Math. On Monday, Ms. Riley and Mrs. Gorman transformed our classroom into a mini market and we each had 25 cents to "buy" numerous items from around the store. When students went to pay for their items, they had to work with the cashiers to figure out how much change they should get back-- they needed to make sure they weren't getting shortchanged! One of the tips we've learned while making change is knowing how many coins will fit in another coin/dollar. 

Although the dime is small, it can fit two nickels or ten pennies!

 We discovered the quarter can fit two dimes and a nickel or five nickels! (it could also fit twenty five pennies!)

A dollar can fit four quarters, ten dimes, and twenty nickels! 

When you know how many coins can fit in another coin or a dollar, it makes it easy to count back from the amount you paid to the amount the item cost by counting by ones, fives, tens, or twenty fives. We will continue to do more work with change next week as our schedule was bumped back this week by the storm. 

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