Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Great Gingerbread Search!

Ms. Riley forgot to close the door to our classroom over the weekend, so our gingerbread men were running wild all over SMS! They left us a set of clues to follow during our search, so we set out in two teams to find them all:

We raced around the school and found all four gingerbread men. Here are some pictures of Ms. Riley's team in action!! 

On Mrs. Craig's Phone...we think he was trying to call our classroom in the afternoon! 

Dashing through the halls 

On the Birthday Board! 

Hanging out with first grade's citizens of the world! 
Keeping an eye out in the office!

On Tuesday, the gingerbread men returned to their places on the cookie sheet...all except one, who met a quite unfortunate fate when Bob found him scurrying across the halls. He offered to give him a ride across the mopped floor, but before the gingerbread man could even realize what was going on...CRUNCH! Bob enjoyed a tasty afternoon  snack. He will be missed!

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