Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snowflakes in the air...

This week, we began crafting our first of many holiday creations. On Wednesday, we made tissue paper collages using small squares of tissue paper and we also painted half of a piece of white paper blue.

We had no idea why Ms. Riley was having us do this, until Thursday when she showed us we were creating a winter scene! We used the tissue paper collages we created and we drew evergreen trees of various sizes on the back. After we cut them out, we glued them along with some snowy white hole punches to our watercolor paper (we loved our tissue collage paper so much, we put our scraps in our image-making paper bin to use again at a later date!) They came out so beautifully and served as the perfect inspiration for some of the writing we did on Friday...more on that later, but for right now, it is a surprise :)

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