Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shaving Cream Ornaments

On Friday, we had a special guest come to our classroom to help us with some holiday crafts. Mr. Kenyon (one of Mr. Riley's very good friends from college!) showed us how to make the awesome shaving cream ornaments he makes with the students he works with! 

First, Mr. Kenyon had us take turns spraying shaving cream into a cookie sheet that we then spread out to make it even. Some friends thought the shaving cream lumps resembled a certain slug-like Star Wars character :) Can you guess who? 

Next, Mr. Kenyon allowed us to take turns dropping bits of food coloring all around the shaving cream. He told us to make sure we spread out our colors across the entire sheet!

Then, Mr. Kenyon showed us how to make figure-eights in the shaving cream using a capped marker. We each took turns swirling all of the colors together!

Afterwards, Mr. Kenyon had us write our names on an ornament template and we took turns putting our templates on the dyed shaving cream and gently patting the paper down to help it pick it the color. 

Finally, Mr. Kenyon helped us scrape off the excess shaving cream from our papers and voila! we had an awesome ornament!

Thank you so much for stopping by, Mr. Kenyon!! We had SO much fun with you and we love our ornaments!

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