Monday, December 22, 2014

Gingerbread House Decorating and Holiday Celebrations

On Monday afternoon, we celebrated the holidays by decorating our gingerbread houses, reciting holiday/winter poems, listening to holiday songs, and enjoying some yummy snacks with our friends and family.

While we were setting up our room for decorating, we listened to a few stories from parents and siblings who came to visit! We even got them to read us The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak, which is one of our new favorites :) 

Afterwards, we recited the poems we've been practicing. Everyone read their poems so well with such wonderful expression! Here are a few of the groups who read:

Finally, it was time to begin decorating. We had SO many decorations to choose from, and everyone got very creative with their supplies! No two gingerbread  houses were alike. 

We had some awesome snacks to munch on while we decorated, including this amazing veggie tree and some delicious Grinch poppers! 

(Total and complete concentration was absolutely necessary)

If you enjoyed decorating gingerbread houses or were not able to join in on the fun, you can design your own virtual gingerbread house on Highlights Kids! No materials needed other than a computer or iPad along with a bit of creativity. Here are a few of our competed homes:

When we were just about finished, we exchanged gifts. We gave our families the awesome pictures and ornaments we had been working so hard on, and they absolutely loved them! 

We wrote these poems to go with our Tree Pictures! They made awesome ornaments or holiday decorations :)

We also made these hand print wreaths and took these funny holiday pictures to put in magnetic photo frames. Our families loved them!

We had so much fun celebrating with one another! Thank you to everyone who gingerbread house supplies, paper goods, and snacks for us to use and enjoy! Your generosity, as always, is very much appreciated :) 

Happy Holidays! 

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