Sunday, September 14, 2014

Writer's Share

Ever since the first day of school, 2R has been working extra hard on writing small moment stories. Small moment stories are true stories that zoom in on one tiny moment in time. Many of us have written about moments from our summer vacations, while others have chosen to write about other small moments in time that have stuck out in our minds over the years. 

With the support of the pictures on our new writing folders, we have recently worked hard at re-reading our stories in order to edit, revise, and add more details to make our stories come alive for our readers. Towards the end of this week, a few friends were able to finish their first small moment story, and on Friday we had our first Writer's Share. This time allows us to hear each other's stories and ask questions, make comments, or give compliments to our writers. We loved the first story we heard, and we cannot wait to hear more! 

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