Sunday, September 14, 2014

Words Their Way

This year, we are using the Words Their Way approach to word study in our classroom. We will learn about different patterns by sorting sets of words into specific categories. On Thursday and Friday, Mrs. Fitzgerald came into our classroom to help us launch our first Words Their Way sort.

On Thursday, she showed us a set of words, and after reading the words and observing the words, we notices every word either had an I or a U and most of the words were only three letters on. Mrs. Fitzgerald explained that every word did indeed contain a short I and a short U (except for oddball put, which makes a OO sound!) and all of them followed a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) pattern. After sorting all of the words as a class under Pig (short I), Cup (short U), or oddball (put!), we each got our own personal set of words and sorted them on our own.

On Friday, Mrs. Fitzgerald showed us how to do a speed sort. During a speed sort, we read each word out loud to determine which category it belongs in, and we try to go as quickly as we can. When we finish our sort, we look up at the timer on the board and write down our time on a sticky note. Each time we sort again, we try to beat our previous personal time! Everyone got faster and faster with each sort. 

We can't wait to explore more words and patterns with Words Their Way as the year goes on. Thanks again to Mrs. Fitzgerald for helping us get started! 

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