Monday, September 15, 2014

Make Your Mark: Dot Day 2014

Today we had a lot of fun celebrating the story and message of Peter H. Reynolds' book The Dot

We started our day off our day with a school-wide assembly, where Mr. Fosher shared some great dot fun facts with us (did you know a baby giraffe has about 40 spots while adult giraffes have an average of 200?!) After sharing his dot knowledge with all of us, Mr. Fosher read us The Dot and encouraged all of us to "make our mark" in some way. 

Afterwards, a few staff members were chosen to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They were all very good sports and raised awareness for a great cause! 

When we got back to our classroom, we tested out a new iPad app called colAR Mix, which makes your pictures come to life! They had a special Dot Day coloring page, and it was so cool to watch our dots jump off the page! 

Later on in the day, we decorated more dots to share with a few of our other second grade friends.  After creating our dots, we cut them into fourths (or quarters) and traded dot pieces with Ms. Arnold's class next door.

 When we finished trading, we glued all of our dot pieces together to create new dots. It was wonderful to see how everyone's designs came together to create one dot masterpiece! 

After finishing our dot collages, Ms. Arnold surprised us all with a special Dot Day treat--Dots!! 

We had a great time celebrating our creativity today. Our next big celebration is just around the corner, as second grade will celebrate Sunflower Day on September 23rd. We can't wait!!! 

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