Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just Right Spots for Just Right Books!

On Tuesday, we were finally able to go book shopping for a few "just right" books for our book bins and we've continued to build up our reading stamina a few minutes at a time. After choosing our books and exploring with them a bit, we began to work on finding "just right" reading spots around the classroom for our independent reading!

We talked about where and how we like to read when we are at home. Many of us said we like to read lying down on our beds or sitting on the couch, and we all agreed that we like a quiet, comfortable space to read, so our goal became finding spaces like that in our classroom. Some of us still chose to sit at our tables in our chairs, while others found spaces on the rug and in our classroom library to read. By spreading out throughout our classroom, we were each able to focus in on our "just right" books and read peacefully. 

Ms. Riley and Mrs. Pitcher recently began reading with students during our Reader's Workshop, and other teachers are beginning to come into our classroom to support us as well, so it has been nice to have our own quiet, comfortable spaces to read in while we independently read! 

(for more information on "Just Right" books, please visit Ms. Riley's previous classroom blog Feats of First Grade!)

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