Friday, September 12, 2014

Greenhouse Growers

On Friday, we used our creativity along with our green thumbs to create and design our own greenhouses. While we aren't able to grow sunflowers in our greenhouses, we are growing lima bean plants! Just like sunflower seeds, lima beans are also edible seeds that grow into bean plants.

Before creating our greenhouses, Ms. Riley soaked the beans for a few hours to begin germination, which is the first stage in the life cycle of a plant when a seedling sprouts from a seed. After allowing the beans to soak for a bit, we decorated our own greenhouse templates which were found by Ms. Arnold next door! We cut out windows in our greenhouses where we stapled baggies that contained our beans and a moist paper towel to give our beans plenty of water for the weekend.

All of our greenhouses are busy growing our beans in our classroom windows, where they will get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We can't wait to check them out on Monday and make a few observations!

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