Monday, April 17, 2017

It's A Boy!

On Saturday, April 15th, April the Giraffe finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy just before 10 am :) The baby is 5'9" and weighs 129 lbs and Animal Adventure Park is holding a contest to name him. The giraffes are SO excited to finally get to see the baby after many weeks of anticipation. Congratulations, April!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Enjoying Springtime

The Giraffes are so excited for the spring weather, as are the rest of the students at SMS! We've been taking advantage of sunny skies and warmer temperatures and we've been trying to get outside as much as possible! 

We were able to get out in the garden at the beginning of the week for Writer's Workshop as we wrote springtime-inspired poems in our Tiny Topics notebooks

Because we switched our Related Arts time with fourth grade for the week, we also got to get out a bit more after we finished writing in the afternoon :) Our End of The Day Recesses have been a really special treat! 

Ms. Riley's been excited to join in on the fun, too! 

We are excited to continue enjoying the outdoors as we begin planting in the garden and gear up for Jump Rope for Heart and Bike to School Day! 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Visit with Author JoAnn Adinolfi

On Friday, local Author and Illustrator JoAnn Adinolfi came to visit all the K-2 classes at SMS to share her journey as a writer and illustrator with us! We got to learn about her life, where she works, and how she finds the inspiration for her stories (as well as some German and Italian phrases!)

we learned that JoAnn finds a lot of inspiration for her stories from her family and her pets. She likes to paint, draw, and use paper collages to make her illustrations! 

We had a lot of fun acting out parts of JoAnn's latest book The Big Adventures of Mr. Small!

Afterwards, some audience volunteers got to pick out some story elements from JoAnn's books out of a box, and JoAnn combined all of the elements into great, big illustration!

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet another great author, and we are excited to look to our own lives for inspiration for our own stories. Thank you, JoAnn!

Hunting for Numbers

On Friday afternoon during Math, we went on an egg hunt for numbers! Our class was split in two teams, and each time Ms. Riley called out a number, one person from each time had to go around the room to find the egg with that number. But the cards inside the eggs weren't number cards--they had pictures of base ten blocks, equations, and expanded form versions of the numbers that were being called! 

We had to look carefully at the cards inside each of the eggs to check if it was representing the number Ms. Riley had called out. Some giraffes didn't think they had found the right number but really they had! 

It was a very close game, and although team 2 was really the team that got to ten points first, we all had a lot of fun and we used some great math skills along the way :) That sounds like a win-win to us! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our Third Annual Fairy Tale Wax Museum!

On Friday, we had our Third Annual Fairy Tale Wax Museum! The giraffes have been working so hard to learn about lots and lots of fairy tale stories, tell them in their own words, and to become the characters of their favorite tales. 

Our museum was almost ready for visitors, but we were missing one thing: our characters!

It was finally time to invite our friends and family to visit this year's exhibits. They could not believe their eyes!

Ms. Riley's brother Matt came to visit us as well! 

We had a brief snack and fairy tale-filled recess before inviting the rest of SMS to pay the second grade classrooms a visit! we also got to check out some of the other classrooms with our friends

Once the museum was "closed" Matt read us a story before we finished our day by watching the movie Matilda (based on our read-aloud book by Roald Dahl!)

We had SO much fun reading so many wonderful stories over the last several weeks and acting as our favorite characters. All of the giraffes worked incredibly hard and should be so proud of their accomplishments! Their teacher certainly is :)