Friday, September 15, 2017


This week, we've begun to get used to our classroom routines. We've been focused on building a safe and mindful classroom community where everyone can learn, and have fun, and we've also begun to focus on incorporating the practices of a growth mindset learner in our classroom.

The first growth mindset skill we've been introduced to is empathy, which is the ability to understand feelings and other people’s points of view. A fundamental aspect of a healthy child and a healthy community. We've read lots of books over the last few days that demonstrate empathy and we've begun to think about times when we've shown empathy. Each of us added an empathy leaf to our growth mindset tree, where we drew or wrote about a time when we experienced empathy or showed empathy for others.

Every week going forward, we will introduce a skill of a growth mindset learner, and we will create goals for ourselves throughout the year surrounding these stances. We will continue to add leaves to our tree for each of the four remaining skills we will focus on!

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