Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's 243rd Birthday with all of second grade! We traveled to each of the second grade classrooms to learn about Johnny Appleseed and his favorite fruit. 

First, we traveled to 2H where Mrs. Healey challenged us to use our STEM skills to build a tower using only apples and toothpicks. Some groups found that if they built the tower too high, it fell over. Others discovered they could break their toothpicks in half to create more building supplies! 

Next, we went to 2D and Ms. Donlon helped us review our doubles facts with some apple stamping. 

After snack, we traveled next door to 2B where Ms. Bucklin taught us about the life cycle of an apple. We made our own lifecycles in true Appleseed-fashion on some paper pots!

After lunch and recess, we returned to 2R and Ms. Riley shared some facts about Johnny Appleseed with us through stories and videos. We aced our Appleseed Trivia, and afterwards we drew a portrait of Johnny Appleseed to hang in the hallway

We learned Johnny Appleseed was kind to both animals and humans alike. He traveled hundreds of miles half way across the country from Massachusetts to Indiana planting pear and apple trees for pioneer families to use for food. He would sell his trees for a low price, and often he would just give his trees away. We also learned he had 10 siblings!!! and had many tall tales (exaggerated stories) told about him once he passed away.

While we've been traveling, Ms. Riley had been cooking up some applesauce, which we got to sample once we returned from P.E. 

We all thought it was delicious!

We had so much fun celebrating Johnny Appleseed and learning with all of the second grade teachers. Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed! 

*We hope you will continue the celebration at home with our class recipe book, which will be sent home on Friday!*

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