Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Does Air Exist if We Can't See It?

This week, we did some exploring with solids and liquids in order to learn about some gases. We were exploring the question: does air really exist if we cannot see it?

We set out to find some answers by looking for evidence of air at four different science stations:

At our first center, we had to race rubber duckies across a tub of water without touching them with any part of our body. We found we were able get them moving by taking a deep breath and using the air in our lungs to blow them across!

At our second center, we looked out our classroom window to look for evidence of air outside. We saw branches moving in the breeze, leaves blowing across the sidewalk, and some of us could even hear a strong gust of wind coming through the window!

At our third center, we felt like magicians when we put a tissue into a cup that we submerged in water. We thought the tissue would get soaked, but an air bubble got trapped in the cup when we stuck it in, protecting the tissue from the water!

Finally, we found a bit more evidence at our fourth center when we got to see air under water in the form of bubbles

After finding lots and lots of evidence, we concluded that air does indeed exist--while we can't exactly see it, we are certainly able to find evidence of it everywhere! 

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