Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gingerbread Antics!

When Ms. Riley was baking a few days ago, she opened her oven too early and the gingerbread cookies she was baking came to life and sprinted for the door! The gingerbread made their way to SMS and ever since, they've been hiding around our classroom. Here's what they've been up to (well, while we've been in the room, who knows what they do when we leave!!) 

While Gina, Geraldine, George, and Gingy are lots of fun, they are also on the lookout to make sure we are being great listeners, kind friends, and always trying our best!

On Friday, the gingerbread got to meet our 5th grade buddies who visited us to make some origami evergreen trees:

We hope our buddies have a great last week of school before the holidays. We can't wait to see what our gingerbread will do next! They are all too excited to decorate gingerbread houses this week!

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