Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preparing for Presidency

Over the last few weeks, we've had many discussions about the Presidential Election. While we have not talked a lot about the policies of our current presidential candidates, we do know that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump is the Republican nominee

We felt lucky to know that we have to power to vote for the leader of our country! We learned that we can begin to vote when we turn 18, and we can run for president ourselves when we are 35. The person who wins the election becomes president in January when they are inaugurated and they remain president for the next 4 years. After those 4 years, they can run for re-election and become president for 4 more years if they win their election. When we are able to vote someday, we learned that we need to register to vote and learn as much as we can about all of the nominees running for office. Our vote will be our choice, and while we can choose to share who we vote for with others, it is important to be respectful of everyone's choices. 

We also thought about what our campaign slogans might be if we do run for president one day! We did a little bit of math to figure out what year it will be when we can run for president, and we figured out that we will either be 35 or turning 35 by the time we reach the election in 2044! Take a look at just a few of our awesome campaign posters:

Perhaps 2044 will be the first year a giraffe is in the White House! 

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