Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pant and Harvest in The Garden

On Wednesday, we got to enjoy the beautiful summery weather as we headed outside to do some planting and harvesting in our school garden! 

After months and months of growing, our carrots were finally ready to be harvested, and it was also time to plant our daffodil and tulip bulbs, which will be some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. As we planted and harvested, we also took pictures of all the things we observed around the garden and looked for insects that help our garden grow, such as caterpillars, worms, bees, and butterflies!

We learned that worms help the earth "breathe" by creating tunnels in the soil, which helps air to circulate through and bring nutrients and water to the plants and trees growing in the soil. 

We also found this awesome caterpillar! Mrs. Corbin thinks it will turn into a Black Swallowtail butterfly :)  We had a great time outside exploring the plants, trees, and flowers around the garden. We can't wait to see our bulbs bloom in the spring! 

Once our iPads are updated, we will also add the many great pictures our giraffes took around the garden :) 

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