Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reading and Sharing

This week, Mrs. Snow came in to read with us and talk to us about the connections we make in the classroom. She read us the story My Mouth Is A Volcano, which is a great story about when we should share. Sometimes when we hear someone reading aloud or sharing a story, we think of the connections we have to the story, but sometimes we share these connections at the wrong time. Mrs. Snow talked with us about the right times to share these connections, and she also taught us some great tools for keeping those connections in our brains until it is our turn to share. 

During Reader's Workshop, we've been working on rebuilding our reading stamina so we can read long and strong. Since we want to focus on building this stamina during our independent reading time, we've been making the parts of our stories we want to share with sticky notes and waiting until the end of Reader's Workshop to share those thoughts with our classmates. Soon, we will get to move into partner reading and we will have even more opportunities during Reader's Workshop to talk with others about our books!

That same day, we were also visited by Mr. Fosher. who read us the story The Wicked Big Toddlah. Mr. Fosher gave us plenty of opportunities throughout the story to share our connections and thoughts, and we did a great job of raising our hands when those connections came to mind. Great job using those strategies, giraffes! 

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