Friday, September 16, 2016

Dot Day 2016

On Friday, everyone at SMS celebrated International Dot Day! We got together as a whole school in the cafeteria while Mrs. Bates named some facts about dots and also taught us the song "The Dot Song" 

When we got back to class, we did lots of dot activities, including making a dot out of ourselves at our morning greeting! 

After reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds, we made a giraffe with 200 dots on it, just like a real adult giraffe

Later, we decorated our own dots that we cut into fourths, and we traded our pieces with the second graders in the owl and kangaroo classes. We put all of our pieces together to make a new dot!

While we did do a lot of celebrating with actual dots, we also talked a lot about what it meant to "make a mark" on the world. After Vashti created her dots, she encouraged others to see their own talents and to be flexible with their thoughts. We hope to continue to make our mark in many different ways throughout second grade and beyond!

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