Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Make Your Mark! Dot Day 2015

On Tuesday, we celebrated International Dot Day as a school!  We held a school-wide morning meeting, where Mr. Fosher read us the story of The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and also shared some amazing dot facts with us!

After our morning meeting, we headed outside to the side of the gym so Mr. Fosher could take a picture of our human SMS dot from the ROOF!

We continued the Dot Day celebrations in our classroom with a special snack Mrs. Atherton brought in for us, can you guess what it was?

Candy Dots, of course! 
We also made several dots of our own! The first dot we made was a coloring page from the app Quiver (formerly known as Colar Mix). We used the app to make our coloring page dots come to life. Unfortunately, the app was being a little glitchy so we were only able to view a few of our dots coming to life, but you can download this free app at home and try it there! 

We then decorated another dot that we cut into fourths. We kept one of our dot quarters for ourselves and invited the owl classroom and the kangaroo classroom to trade dot pieces with us! We each traded with a giraffe, an owl, and a kangaroo to make a new dot! 

Once everyone left our classroom, we did a special dot activity involving giraffes. Since the average adult giraffe has about 200 spots, we used our image making paper to create 10 dots each to put on a special Dot Day giraffe. With 18 students making 10 dots each along with Ms. Riley and Mrs. Zampini, we made a giraffe with exactly 200 spots! 

We hung our giraffe in the hallway along with some of our fraction dots! The rest of the dots are hanging up along with the owl class and the kangaroo class. 

Dot Day served as a great reminder that we should all be proud of what we can accomplish, and we should all go out into the world and 
Leave Our Mark! 

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