Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

We had a BLAST celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day on Friday! We got to go to each of the second grade classrooms to learn about Johnny Appleseed and the fruit he loved most--apples! 
johnny appleseed quote artgreep apple fun art by Ibelieveinsugar, $5.00:
Because Johnny Appleseed was such a kind and generous person, we spent our morning making "Apples of Kindness" to add to our "Johnny Appletree" which is now up in our hallway.

Each of us wrote one kind thing we could do for others, which ranged from volunteering, helping someone who is hurt, being a good friend, and helping someone pick apples! 

Our first stop was in Mrs. Healey's class, where we got to do a taste test for some different varieties of apples (fun fact: there are over 7,500 different kinds of apples!!!) and we also got to come up with some "Apple-icious Adjectives" to go with them! We made an awesome poster that is now hanging in our classroom. 

Our next stop was in Mrs. Atherton's classroom, where we did some Apple Math! We measured our apple's circumference and diameter as well as the length of the peel and we also estimated how many seeds our apple would have. 

We returned to our classroom for snack, which was filled with the smell of apples and cinnamon thanks to our cooking crockpot apple sauce! Thank you to everyone for bringing in an apple to add to our pot and use for our various apple activities!

In Mr. Saltus's class, we got to dissect and explore apples through science! We took some great lab notes to bring back to Ms. Riley's class. 

Afterwards, we went to Ms. Donlon's class to read Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss and we got to do some counting and drawing with apples. 

Finally, we got to return to Ms. Riley, where we did some apple stamping. It was so cool to see the star/flower pattern in the center of the apple and use it to paint some awesome designs! (Remember, we can only see that design when we cut the apples horizontally)

After lunch ,we got to enjoy our yummy applesauce after listening to a few stories from our first Mystery Reader! Some of us did not like the applesauce, but many of us thought it was delicious! The only two ingredients? Apples and a little bit of cinnamon, cooked on high in our crock pot for 3 hours. Before we headed off to Maker Space, we watched a Brain Pop video on Johnny Appleseed's life. We learned that not all stories about Johnny Appleseed are true, and those stories are called Tall Tales.But we do know that he was a very kind person who learned how to grow apple trees as a boy and he set off to plant apple trees (and even some pear trees) in many states across the north east and mid west United States! 

Thank you to everyone who made our celebration of Johnny Appleseed's 241st birthday a huge success! And thank you to our awesome giraffe photographers, who snapped some great photos in the other classrooms while Ms. Riley got to hang out with the rest of second grade :) 

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