Wednesday, September 9, 2015

All About Giraffes

During our first two weeks of school, we've been learning all about our classroom mascot the giraffe!

On our first day of school, we learned that a group of giraffes is called a "tower" and their natural habitat is on the African Savanna, so we made our own "tower" of giraffes on the savanna at sunset! We also learned about the word "silhouette" and explored painting with crayon resist! 

During our first week, we worked together to explore the height of giraffes. We made a unifix cube train as long as the average female giraffe (which is about 14 ft) and the average male giraffe (about 17 ft!) 

During our second week of school, we learned that adult giraffes have over 200 spots on their bodies, and every giraffe has a different pattern for their coat--just like human fingerprints! We made some awesome hand print giraffes to add to our display outside our classroom. 

We've also read some great giraffe books, including Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae, The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me by Roald Dahl, and A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein.While we didn't learn many facts from these fiction books, we loved seeing our mascot in some awesome and very silly stories!

Here are a few of the other facts we've learned and shared with one another:

-Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world! 
- Giraffes only eat leaves and sticks
-They fight with their necks
-They have long purple tongues
-Giraffes have hooves
-When baby giraffes are born, they can begin walking in 5 minutes to an hour
-Giraffes in the wild only need 10-20 minutes of sleep per day, and they can sleep standing up! 

Here are the questions we are still wondering about and will explore and research next week:

- How tall are the babies?

-Do they like company?
-How long and how much do they eat in a day?
-What kind of leaves and sticks to they eat?
-How long do they sleep?
-Are they good at swimming?

If any of our giraffes find the answers to these questions or any other awesome giraffe facts, please bring them into class to share! 

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