Sunday, June 7, 2015

Heave Ho, Here we go!

Ahoy, Families!

The time has finally come to perform our Pirate Play! We will be having our dress rehearsal on Monday during the school day for SMS students and our big performance Tuesday night at 6:30 pm for friends and family. Anyone who would like to come is more than welcome!  

Students should bring or wear their costumes to school on Monday for our dress rehearsal. Just as a reminder, the boys are wearing black shirts and the girls are wearing white shirts and everyone is to wear blue jean pants or shorts. If the shirts have any designs or writing on them, that is totally fine! We have our bandanas and eye patches here, so we will put them on when it is time to perform and students can take them home once the play is over :)

Students should come to our classroom before the play on Tuesday at 6:15 pm to get ready and line up in concert order. The play is about 35-40 minutes long. We are going to be the last group to perform our lines and our class song and the whole second grade will perform two more songs before the play is over. We will have students exit the cafe and return to our classroom to be picked up so we can make sure everyone is accounted for. If you are facing the stage, we will be seated on the right side of the stage for most of the performance, so if you are looking for a good seat, the right/center would be the place to go! 

Please let us know if you have any questions. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, it is hard to believe we only have two more weeks left!

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