Friday, January 30, 2015

Reading Stems

While we continue to work in our nonfiction books during Reader's Workshop, we've been working very hard this week on how we hold and share our thinking while we read. Mrs. Fitzgerald shared some reading stems with us that we could use when we write down our thinking on sticky notes and share with our reading partners. As a class, we read parts of the book Plants That Bite Back and practiced using our sentence stems to share our thinking about Venus Fly Traps and Bladderworts, which are two carnivorous plants!

We wrote about the new facts we learned, connections we made to our other plant knowledge, and what we wondered about the plants. Afterwards, we began using the sentence stems with the nonfiction books we have in our book bins. We are continuing to work on using these sentence stems to extend our conversations about our books with our reading partners so we are not only learning from our books, but we are also learning from each other! 

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