Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Move over, Gail Gibbons, the next big non-fiction writers have published their first non-fiction collection!

In addition to writing our fiction stories during Writer's Workshop, we've been working extra hard to collect facts to write and illustrate our first-ever classroom book on New Hampshire animals! 

Just like the authors and illustrators who have come before us, we made a dedication page at the beginning of our book. We wanted to thank everyone (and everything) that made writing this book possible and we also wanted to encourage future giraffes to go out and learn about the animals of the Granite State :) 

Yesterday, we were able to check out our final product and share it with the class. We each took turns sharing our paper collage illustrations along with the facts we wrote about our animals. 

Today, we even had the opportunity get up close and personal with a domesticated New Hampshire animal: Welcome to SMS, Summit!! And thank you for stopping by!

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