Monday, October 20, 2014

Studying the Craft of Kevin Henkes

Whenever we read a new Kevin Henkes story, we've noticed certain parts of his writing and illustration that appear in many of his books. On Friday, Ms. Riley told us those things we'd been noticing are part of Kevin Henkes' craft. His craft involves anything he does on purpose to make his writing look or sound a certain way. It is the art of writing! 

After talking about Kevin Henkes' craft, we got to work finding those craft techniques in his stories! We worked together with our reading partners to find examples of each craft (mouse characters, comic strip pictures, lots of dialogue, talk in pictures, and repeating sentences) and wrote them down. We were lucky enough to also have the help of several other teachers that day (from SMS and beyond!), who were in observing literacy in second grade! We shared our findings with one another and found many connections across his stories.

This week, we are working hard to include many of those craft techniques in our own writing. We've especially had fun with adding those techniques into our illustrations! Our stories are coming along so well, and we've really enjoyed sharing our ideas and rough drafts with one another.  

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