Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Hallowilloween!

We began our Halloween celebrations a bit early in 2R! Today, we learned the 12 Days of Halloween song and held our class Halloween Party at the end of the day before going to Library.

During our party, Ms. Riley along with our awesome room mom and parent volunteers provided us with healthy snacks along with a few treats to enjoy while we danced, played games, and listened to a few Halloween poems!

We started out our party with a game of Guess My Costume. Ms. Riley wrote down different costumes on index cards and taped them to everyone's backs. Everyone had to try to figure out which costume they had by asking their friends for clues! 

Afterwards, we all enjoyed a few "Pinspired" snacks along with cupcakes and goodie bags before we played a game of Freeze Dance to The Monster Mash

Once we were done moving and grooving, we read the class our clues to our own Halloween costumes and we took turns guessing who each of us would be. Once we were finished, we enjoyed a few poems from Calef Brown's book Hallowilloween. 

Thank you to everyone who provided food, drinks, and supplies for our Halloween Celebration. We were so glad to have a few parents join us for the festivities and share in our fun :) 

Happy Hallowilloween! 

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