Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Endangered Species

Today, we learned about animals around New Hampshire as well as animals around the world that are endangered. We used the World Wildlife Foundation WWF Together App on the iPad to explore many of these amazing creatures!

We first looked at the Monarch Butterfly, which is a species that lives in many parts of North America, including New Hampshire. We learned that the habitats of these butterflies were being destroyed with pesticides that killed the milkweed they ate and used the lay their eggs, and we also learned that the oyamel fir trees they migrate to in Mexico were being cut down. We already know how important butterflies are to pollinating flowers and plants, so it is very important to protect their habitat so they can continue to help our world grow!

We got to "flap our wings" to see how far the Monarchs fly when they migrate to Mexico every fall. They fly up to 2,800 miles to get to their winter home! 

After learning about  the Monarchs, we chose another animal to explore, one that lives over 6,000 miles away, weighs between 220-600 pounds, and see six times better in the dark than humans. Can you guess what it was?

That's right! We explored the Tiger. Not only did we get to FaceTime with a tiger, but we also got to see through their eyes with the special night vision camera on the app. 

The left circle is a tiger's night vision, and the right circle is a human's night vision. Luckily, we don't have any REAL tigers looking in on our classroom!
Tigers are also endangered due to loss of habitat, and they also face struggles with poaching. We learned that we can help tigers by recycling our paper goods and buying paper made with recycled materials. 

We had a lot of fun exploring the animals on this app, we hope to explore a few more of them as we continue to learn all about animals! 

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