Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Animals in Our Backyards

Since beginning our study of animals, we've talked about about different kinds of wild animals that live in New Hampshire (or off the coast!). We brainstormed quite the list:

  • deer
  • moose
  • coyotes
  • skunks
  • fisher cats
  • squirrels
  • sharks
  • whales
  • dolphins
  • bald eagles
  • hawks
  • bats
  • owls 
  • blue birds
  • turkeys
  • salamanders
  • frogs
  • foxes
  • black bears
  • garter snakes
  • turkey vultures
  • geese
  • wildcats
  • chipmunks
  • lobsters
  • dolphins 
  • seals
  • ducks
On Monday afternoon, we took a walk around the woods of SMS to see if we could see any animals or any signs of animals there. 

While we weren't able to see any animals, we did find evidence of creatures that had been there! 

We thought of a few insects that were probably munching on this wood by the playground!

We talked about how many of the animals in the woods around SMS probably stay well hidden until school is released because they might feel shy around people. We will try again next week to see what we can find! 

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